Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Vagabond is ready. Swallow Boats will be bringing her to me on Thursday. I've taken the opportunity to have a topping lift added, this will reduce the tensions in the lazy jack, make it easier to stow the mainsail and help get the boom out of the way of the cockpit. A new mooring cleat to fitted in the centre line at the stern as I had found the frame for the stern tent got in the way of the after cleats on each side. This, together with changes to the locations of the aft fairleads should make it much easier to go alongside single handed.
The boat lift at Eastbourne is booked so Vagabond should be back in the water and ready to sail by Thursday evening. The weather forecast for Friday and the weekend is terrible.

Just look this portion of the UK Met Office surface pressure chart for Friday morning- there's a slow moving depression sitting over England, giving rise to F6+ winds in the Channel.

I suspect we'll be acquiring "harbour rot"  in Eastbourne for a few days.

Finally, as a footnote, I received a parcel the other day. It was from one of the on-line chandlers, courtesy of the Scottish Herbalist. She had sent me a solar powered shower.......

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