Monday, 18 March 2013

Nearly spring

Vagabond is (I hope) having a few changes made by Swallow boats. When I took her down ther the yard was full. So she lies in a queue, waiting for the work.

In the meantime, I can get on with planning (no), sorting out the new house (sort of) and generally daydreaming about the forthcoming sailing season. She must be ready for the Swallow Boats get together at Rutland Water in early April.

There, I can sort out the new bits that have been added and generally get "in the groove" ready to put her back in the real water in May. We are definitely going to start in Essex (as last year) only this time I'm going to turn left every morning until I meet myself at Balvicar some time in the summer.

I've been reading about sail trim during the winter.......