Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Mad march days

It's been a bit blowy in the last few weeks. I quite glad that Vagabond slumbers in the barn. The perceptive amongst my readers will have notice there were no blog posts at all in 2016. Vagabond joined in the excitement of the Swallow Yachts raid in Mylor and the owner broke the mast when preparing to tow her home. So she spent some time at Swallow Yachts yard having it repaired and a few bits and bobs fitted.

She now sports the "wider berth" option to account for the ever increasing girth of the owner, a sparkling new coat of varnish on most of the wood work, and a few repairs to things that broke. The owner has fitted an electric winch to the trailer to account for his increasing feebleness, together with batteries, control boxes and solar panels to keep it charged. In place of the slat arrangement in the outboard well, there is a pair of under carriage doors, controlled by suitable pieces of string.

None of theses new devices have yet seen action.

The owner, whilst mulling over the results of his MSc course has also made some mounts in the well for the dinghy oars in the outboard well . Not that the owner is planing to take Vagabond rowing .....
It's just that an incident occurred during the Swallow raid. There was a strong wind blowing down the channel approaching the berthing pontoon and, despite Freddy's frantic efforts to slow us down, Vagabond's stem made a bit of a dent in the pontoon. Had the oars (or even the bucket) been readily to hand, rather than buried in a locker, we might have slowed down sufficiently to make a dignified entrance.

We're off to the sea soon to put this lot through their paces.
Watch this space.