Monday, 7 January 2013

Shoreham to Gosport (Track)

I had inteneded to publish the plotted track of each section of the voyage last summer. On reflection, it's probably not too good an idea at this late date as the individual trips are now comparitively ancient history in this age of twitter and instant information - besides which I managed to press the wrong button on the Garmin GPS and have deleted several of them.

So I will only publish a selection between now and our resumption of the trip in May.

You may recall that we left Shoreham at about 9 o'clock and were whisked along by the 18 KN wind and the tide. It was a good thing because we had to get through the Looe channel off Selsey Bill before the tide turned against us.  The various large kinks in the track are (from right to left) where:
- we hove to, whilst I put on some warmer clothing
- we tacked to avoid a large bulk carrier and head vaguely for Chichester
- we turned for Gosport.