Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Frame!

Dedicated readers may remember that I had used some aluminium* tubing (the leading edge of my old hang glider) to make a simple A frame which should make it a bit easier to raise Vagabond mast. This had lain unused all winter as Vagabond was snugly lying a barn whilst the snow and frost lay around.

A frame in position
This week has seen a marked change in the weather and yesterday was almost balmy at Little Kings Ash farm so Vagabond was brought out into the sunshine and the A frame assembled on the foredeck.
Various pieces of string were tied to it to hold it in place, the forestay and shrouds were attached to the mast and the forestay led through a block on the A Frame. A strong heave on the forestay showed that the device worked and the mast rose into position.
When the time came to lower the mast, it descended onto the rest under reasonable control. All that has to be done now is to work out how to store the frame whilst at sea!


Voacabulary Notes:
US readers: Aluminum

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