Monday, 15 October 2012

Still here

Hello, dear reader.
No doubt you are wondering about the deathly silence on this blog, as it slips down the google lists.......
It's been a bit quiet on the Vagabond front on the last couple of weeks. I think she's still under her dust sheet, in the barn. She was last week, when I anointed all the scuffs and blemishes on the rubbing strip with varnish (well what are rubbing strips for, if not to become somewhat scruffy over a season?).

That's not much to show for a couple of weeks but my mind has been elsewhere. Literally for an hour or so one mornign a couple of weeks ago, although a supsequent scan assures me that I still have one ( a mind, that is) and the neurologist says it's nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, the mind has been on line, the Owners Agent and Ihave been concentrating on this downsizing activity. This is not something we recommend after living in the same place of 39 years (and after recently acquiring a boat) One skip load has gone from the garage. A number of pieces of furniture have been ebayed for a song and we had a party last weekend at which we managed to give away a few knick knacks. A self store room has been filled and there is still more to go.

We become of no fixed abode as of two weeks hence - the Owners Agent refuses to take up my offer of B & B on Vagabond, so we are in a holiday let in the middle of Buckinghamshire (and winter approaches....).

Chin up - things are worse at sea (as my mother always used to say.....)

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