Friday, 10 February 2012

Vagabond is under construction

News from the boat yard - work has started! 

I'd better get on with planning the route and finding somewhere for her to stay. The Owners Agent has decreed that Vagabond is NOT going to sit on the trailer in our drive.

Whilst I do that, perhaps you would like to see how the working is progressing.

The hull and deck have been made and are now inside the main shed for fitting out and putting together. In simple terms, the cabin fittings are glued into the hull and then the deck is fixed over it all.

Here are a couple of  photos of the hull moulding, viewed from the stern (back).

The blue bits will eventually be the inside of the cockpit lockers.

The black slot in the middle of the pictures is where the raised centre board will fit.

The vacuum cleaner is (I hope) a temporary visitor.

The final photo is a little confusing - it shows the deck moulding but it is upside down!

The bit sticking up at the back that looks like a funnel will be the access hatch to one of the water ballast compartments and the box that it is sitting on is the cockpit floor.

The two triangular shapes at the foreground will be the lockers for the anchor and its chain.

I must go and wrestle with charts, tides and almanacs........

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